Web and Mobile Apps

Web and Mobile Apps
by admin
“Software is a great combination between Artistry and Engineering” Bill Gates

The dynamics of online business were never as demanding as they are today. Latest technology inculcated in today’s online business sector has made things far less reliant on unnecessary marketing gimmicks. Many businesses today get as much as 3/4th of their clientele through mobile apps. But, this doesn’t take away the limelight from the web apps. The idea for a business to flourish depends both on the success of its mobile and web apps while ensuring maximum client coverage as per the business domain.

eOpen completely dominates all prevailing technologies and undermines any shortcomings that your business may have. Your requirements are promised to be well catered by our professionals and turning them into tangible reality just in the way you want. Our team with their innovative ideas, design modeling and development would ensure a highly productive and cost-efficient solution, which would require lesser maintenance policing by your staff.

Our Expertise with a Pinch of Value, Quality, and Reliability

eOpen is never shy of surprising its clients with the most advanced technology solutions that fit well with their respective business models. This feat is achieved with the untiring efforts of our engineers who slog their hours to make comprehensive solutions that are within your budget and given timelines. Precisely, our professionals maximize the following technologies in developing the solutions:

  • .NET and Open Source (PHP) Application Development
  • js, Backbone Framework Development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Native iOS, Android and Windows App development
  • Cross-Platform development using Cordova, ionic and React
  • Cloud Services using Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, and Microsoft Azure

Locating what matters to you. Navigate Friends and Share Location in Real-time.
Providing Real-Time Radar, Map and Grid view to see locate our friends and family.

You can save any location, and find it again even if there is no map. You can also share your location with friends to find you, even in areas where there’s no map or address available.

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Use Briskly Biz to send last minute deals to nearby customers that can get there right away. Create and send a Briskly Deal within seconds.

You can view your vehicle’s location on a 3d grid with pinpoint locations, view traffic information and select a street map view of your vehicle’s surroundings

Platform to broadcast location-based offers and directories to recipients within selected geo-fence and time-distance from a business.