Fleet Management

Fleet Management
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It is a great distinction for eOpen to partner with TrackerX®, which is a renowned M2M solution provider. The comprehensive solutions fall in the category of Asset Management, Fleet Management, and Cold Storage Monitoring.

In the Fleet Management domain, tracking is highly complexed and scrutinized when multiple vehicles come in to fix the puzzle. This could be a highly tedious and a time-consuming job with inefficient systems and also requires supplementary resources. eOpen takes great pride in sharing about the ability to build largescale customized solutions that provides precise monitoring of varying fleet sizes. The developed Fleet Management device gives you the power to track vehicles in real-time, along with value-added features of monitoring the engine and other related parameters as well.

We have the right infrastructure in our data centers that propagate data through devices by employing the fast and secure 4G data network. Our clients are then able to enjoy seamless presentation through the online portal channel and also helps in getting information about the location and the condition of the vehicle.

Users are given the flexibility to create/ view customized charts and spreadsheets in order to analyze and manage data effectively. Some highly useful value-added features also include the geo-fencing and theft alerts, thus safeguarding your vehicle from any probable loss or damage.