Big Data and Analysis

Big Data and Analysis
by admin
“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” Geoffrey Moore

The ability to generate invariable data at a constant rate, without compromising its integrity is what that makes us unique in the work that we do. We can command your historical, traditional and real-time big data into meaningful insights. Our specialists would facilitate you with a highly viable services kit that would help in resolving all data related woes, such as, designing intuitive dashboards, informative reports or for the sake of evolving a high-end data governance strategy.

eOpen masterly fosters in the optimization of the business intelligence systems that your business is reliant upon. The core idea behind this technology is to enable our clients to take informed decisions in the wake of empowering their businesses. This feat is achieved through a robust Business Intelligent environment that our professionals could create. On top of that, Data Visualization services would allow your clients to look far beyond the figures and pinpoint the critical information, while quickly spotting the new trends and changes.

Our Expertise with a Pinch of Value, Quality, and Reliability

We have a history of serving repeated clients and this is all because of our ability to clearly understand the requirements related to data warehouses and transforming them into efficient and conveniently manageable data management processes. In order to achieve that, we employ the following prevailing technologies:

  • Hadoop, NoSQL, Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • MS SQL Server BI Solution
  • SQL Server Reporting & Analytics Services
  • Oracle Hyperion and BI Enterprise Services